College Life Update#2

Hey peeople!
Earlier in high school, I’d always wonder what the big deal was, when these college students would be ranting about a “due assignment” or “a paper being due”. And good Lord! I’m right in the middle of all that now 😛 So I totally understand how it feels, especially when the whole transition from school to college is so different. I mean, in school (atleast my previous school) if you didn’t submit your homework or so, we’d often get to submit it at a later date. I don’t see that happening in college anytime soon, not by a long shot! 😀 If I want to save my ass from being kicked out or worse, from receiving a bad grade – I have to start being routine in my work. A tad bit difficult since I’ve been lazy all my life 😛
However I’m enjoying the experience, albeit a little whiny. So for one of our Brit.Lit assignments we had to write a haiku about love with the whole nature element and juxtaposition parts too. I came up with a few which I’ll be posting here (though not the one I submitted!)
Plus we are having like group counselling sessions for the whole class. And one of the discussed topics happens to be “Pillars of Relationship”. So its all gelling together pretty well! Classes are sort of complementary to each other and its great fun.

Almost a month now. And as per some of my friends, we have “insider jokes” already.Walking around campus, pointing out and reminiscing about our goofy blunders and those of others (ha! we are mean like that 😛 ). Its great to feel like a part of something which is going to gradually end up being of great importance! The past couple of days have been a little different as in “not ordinary” stuff happening. Particularly that which I’m not used to. But I’m taking it in good stride and just adding it to my scrapbook and moving on 🙂

Blind faith need not be handed out to every second person. Cause not many know its true value. And those who do, enjoy watching the cracks on a mirror.


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