Sadashiv Pradhan, in his contemporary fiction novel, attempts to familiarize the reader with the world of Business schools. In doing so, he unearths the cut-throat environment within these colleges and tells of the daunting task that lies ahead for the students. Just as there is much conjecture surrounding the pursual of an MBA degree withinContinue reading “23:59:59”

It is rainy where I stand.

As with every argument, one either picks sides or choses to ignore it altogether. I’d rather pan out all my points for the sake of my own understanding, if not others. For the past few days, something has been irking me. And this something had a lot to do with a memorable phase in myContinue reading “It is rainy where I stand.”

Goodbyes Should Be Like “See You Later”s

I immersed myself within that moment. Soaking in all the smiles, sounds and bonds. Aware that amidst the joyous Occasion, lurked a bitter Realization. We Had known life one way. Now we were to Start afresh. With the Skin Of Our past Selves, we were To embark on A new sail.¬†I wished For a timeContinue reading “Goodbyes Should Be Like “See You Later”s”

Book Review — Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Twin sisters – Cather and Wren – have always stood by each other, whether it was their passion for the Simon Snow book series or coping with their family drama. But when they move to college, the sisters’ opposite personalities drive a wedge between them.¬†Surprisingly, Cath who is not used to forming friendships easily, getsContinue reading “Book Review — Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell”

The One Where Time Flies Soon

A few haiku to mark two splendid weeks. Dance of the corn fields Usher in the beginning. Smiling faces wait. Calm before a storm Sense the inevitable. Yet we look away. A savior lighthouse. Knowledge shines through the dark times, While hungry hands wrote. Sunny and gusty Days warrant new dynamics. To Deal or noContinue reading “The One Where Time Flies Soon”