In Order To Live by Park Yeonmi

A nonfiction book that reveals the harrowing circumstances Park Yeonmi and her family have gone through as North Koreans looking for freedom. In Order To Live is not just a woman’s call for change, it is an eye-opener about the crimes against humanity that are to this very day carried out in the world. ReadContinue reading “In Order To Live by Park Yeonmi”

Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Meddy Chan is ready to put her past troubles behind her and focus on the good – her marriage to Nathan Chan, her college sweetheart. But when her wedding planner turns out to be part of a mafia family and is planning an execution during her wedding, her aunts once again step in to saveContinue reading “Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto”

The Bird Tattoo by Dunya Mikhail

It’s 2014 and a city in northern Iraq has been taken over by an extremist religious organisation. Helen and hundreds of women face horrors beyond their worst nightmares as they are sold off to men who bid for them in an auction. Driven to find out what happened to her husband and escape the organisation’sContinue reading “The Bird Tattoo by Dunya Mikhail”

The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina by Zoraida Cordova

Matriarch of the Montoya family, Orquídea Divina Montoya, invites her children and grandchildren to collect their inheritance. She is not long for this world and must warn them about the dangers she’s been running from. Zoraida Cordova’s fantasy novel bursts with life, reminding us of the power of family and traditions. Read if you like:Continue reading “The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina by Zoraida Cordova”

The Moonlight Child by Karen McQuestion

Sharon Lemke spots something she shouldn’t have. A little girl washing dishes at night in the house next door. But the Flemings don’t have a girl living in their house. Even when Sharon probes into the matter, her efforts are thwarted. Karen McQuestion’s mystery novel depicts the horrors of neglectful parenting and the cost ofContinue reading “The Moonlight Child by Karen McQuestion”