Sadashiv Pradhan, in his contemporary fiction novel, attempts to familiarize the reader with the world of Business schools. In doing so, he unearths the cut-throat environment within these colleges and tells of the daunting task that lies ahead for the students. Just as there is much conjecture surrounding the pursual of an MBA degree withinContinue reading “23:59:59”

It is rainy where I stand.

As with every argument, one either picks sides or choses to ignore it altogether. I’d rather pan out all my points for the sake of my own understanding, if not others. For the past few days, something has been irking me. And this something had a lot to do with a memorable phase in myContinue reading “It is rainy where I stand.”

Goodbyes Should Be Like “See You Later”s

I immersed myself within that moment. Soaking in all the smiles, sounds and bonds. Aware that amidst the joyous Occasion, lurked a bitter Realization. We Had known life one way. Now we were to Start afresh. With the Skin Of Our past Selves, we were To embark on A new sail. I wished For a timeContinue reading “Goodbyes Should Be Like “See You Later”s”

College Life Update#2

Hey peeople! Earlier in high school, I’d always wonder what the big deal was, when these college students would be ranting about a “due assignment” or “a paper being due”. And good Lord! I’m right in the middle of all that now 😛 So I totally understand how it feels, especially when the whole transitionContinue reading “College Life Update#2”

College – A New Phase.

3 weeks into college and my head is a jumble of mixed feelings – mostly all good, some a little whiny 😛  Been coming home late, no time for anything else. Usually this would’ve driven me ballistic, but somehow it doesn’t affect me as such. Even though I would’ve liked to have a little “me time”,Continue reading “College – A New Phase.”