Book Review – Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan

Hey fellow bloggers (and non-bloggers),
Today I have another review for you all – Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief! Any whoops of joy? I know you all love Percy!! Anybody who doesn’t love Percy? ūüėÄ
Anyways to begin with the review —

Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief is a book based on Greek mythology¬† Gods and Goddess. The main character, Percy, is a 12 year old, dyslexic student of Yancy Academy who believes Greek Gods are just myths told to people to explain seasons, the sky, sea and land. Never had he imagined that he would come face to face with many of these Gods. So when strange events start occurring he begins to doubt his sanity. ¬†Monsters and Gods, both seem to be after him (and poor Percy has no clue what they want with him). ¬†How did his not-so-complicated life spin so out of control? After all, being thrust into a world of war and jealousy (between the Gods) is not exactly normal routine for Percy. Plus getting to know that he is the son of a VERY POWERFUL God isn’t what Percy considered as good news. A powerful God/Father, who has been absent from his life all these years but suddenly, is seeking Percy’s help. As if all this wasn’t enough, Percy has been accused of stealing Zeus’ master lightening bolt. Imagine that! Being accused by a major God for thievery. Now its¬†up to¬†Percy and his friends to find the bolt and return it safely to Zeus before the summer¬†solstice (in 10 days).¬†¬†Or else, he will be subject to the wrath of the God of Sky, which is definitely not good.

I must say, I am a little biased about this book. Its about one of my favorite topics – Greek Gods. I can’t help but turn a blind eye to any criticism that the book may deserve. ¬†For me it is absolutely perfect! A good balance between humor, grief, fights, humans, Gods et cetera. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I do regret not taking up this book before. ¬†Its sad how responsibilities just keep piling up on Percy. And typically, he is ever ready to help people. When his mother realizes that the monsters have found out about Percy, she decides to send him to Camp Half Blood where others like him (Half Gods) spend time and learn to adjust in their new lifestyle. They are trained to fight and defend using many different kinds of weapons (so cool!). In the camp, Percy is at first considered “undetermined” but soon he finds out about his father. He doesn’t know whether to be happy that he finally has somebody to call Dad, angry that his father had abandoned him all these years or glad that he has somebody watching over him.¬†¬†The only thing he remembers about his father is a warm fuzzy glow and a bright smile.
Percy and 2 of his close friends РGrover and Annabeth together set out on a long journey to retrieve the bolt and return it to Zeus. On the way they face many obstacles but with  each others help and a bit of wisdom, strength and wit they manage to overcome all troubles. The strong friendship between the 3 brought back warm memories of  my best friends.
It was a fun read! And am sure, I am the last person on planet earth to have read this book. Am I? Anyone else who haven’t read this book? If you haven’t, go ahead. I guarantee 380 pages of awesome fun!

Rating – 5 stars (no doubt!!)


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