Book Review – Retribution by Jilliane Hoffman

Hi people! So today I am posting this book review. Let me know what you think about it okay? Just a note * this review was posted(by me of-course) in my previous blog but since I shut it down, you wont be able to see it there* so I thought why not put it up here to see what you have to say about this book, i.e , if you have even read it. I had never heard of the author, let alone the book, before I borrowed it from my friend.

Phew!! That was one BIG journey from the first page till the 517th page. But a good one at that. I just finished reading this book and honestly, I was speechless for sometime.
Retribution by Jilliane Hoffman is about Chloe Larson, a woman living in the Big Apple, who is so ruthlessly assaulted in her own house. Embarrassed – by “the incident” as her then boyfriend preferred to call it – and no longer able to face her family and friends, Chloe opts to change her name and moves to Florida. Each day is a struggle in itself as Chloe tries to forget about the past and live in the present. As CJ, she is now not able to get into any serious relationship because of having to keep so many secrets. She is certain that once disclosed, no guy would ever be able to accept her along with her troubled past. The book goes on to talk about how 12 years since the assault, a new series of gruesome murders start popping up in Florida and there is a possibility that the murderer (Cupid) is the same man who left Chloe to die all those years ago. Now the real question is – whether she is willing to risk her career to find out (and if positive, then frame him for the murder of 10 women, he has possibly never seen in his life.) or is she going to let bygones be bygones….

In the beginning I was a little unsure of whether I really wanted to read this book, mainly because of the humongous size and also the first few chapters weren’t very gripping. But then it started picking up pace. And that’s when I really started reading it, I mean word to word. Hoffman is AMAZING!! Apart from the fact that, thanks to her detailed writing, I am now completely aware of all the horrible possibilities a lone woman/ girl could endure (Ah well! that had to happen some or the other time right!! so..). Its like all those gory details are drilled into my brain.The cruelty and inhumane nature of the culprit is far too intolerable especially for the innocent minded. Chloe’s character has been depicted as a good spirited person who upon enduring such atrocity takes a turn for the strict, serious-as-hell individual. Dealing with trust issues and frequent panic attacks is not easy and so she keeps herself cocooned in a corporate world of suits and files. I was really hoping that she would move in with Dominick (she could have prevented the bad from happening.). On the whole its a great read. Even during lunch and dinner times I had the book in one hand and my spoon in the other.

Rating – 4 stars on 5.
If the book comes under your favourite genre or if you want to try out something new then go ahead!

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