Tolerance is indeed a sign of great mental strength and stability. Many a time you realize that like a weather-beaten plant, you get accustomed to the harsh surroundings. Sooner or later, the very thing that drove you nuts would either cease to exist in your perceptual frame or would pass by as the most trivial of matters. That’s when you begin to develop your ability to tolerate. Tolerance is also about reminding yourself that you are in control of everything that happens to you. No matter what, you will always have the upper hand. Your very actions and responses can be the road to becoming increasingly tolerant of other people and their behaviours or simply to circumstances.

Sometimes, just because you don’t respond you get labelled or tagged by some very BS terms. I mean, hello! What the hell! The reason that I don’t respond is not because I’m a wuss or I’m scared, its because I couldn’t care less about the fact that you chose to spend your precious time on me. As long as its not physically harmful I don’t see how you could mentally traumatise me, if I don’t let you. This may not be applicable to everyone. But for me, its as simple as that. There are two extremes – dislike and like. Then again, there’s an in-between state called I Don’t Care. Its when you don’t let anything affect you. Its when at the end of bearing pain or getting bullied, you are the same person you were before – with the same temperament, same attitude.

Retaliation is the result of intolerance.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes its okay to retaliate. For the fun of it 😉 But what does that make us? In the long run, our outlook speaks louder than our actions.

My silence is not my defeat. It’s just me, making it clear that I’m much more stronger and can take on greater hardships. 


Published by Meera Nair

A 27 year-old freelance Content Writer, who spends all her free time ensconced in the pages of a book or writing to her heart's content about topics that excite the creative spirit in her.

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