The Right Side of the Bed.

Where mornings are rejuvenating. Where some more answers reside. Where life is not a race But a road-trip. Where the life lessons relax, Awaiting our return. Where the wind rests Around us, not ruffled By our lethargy. Relentless Faith in our companions remain. Where the concert of chimes resonates. On this side of the bed, our JoysContinue reading “The Right Side of the Bed.”

Being Humane

With all that is happening in the world (I’m sure you don’t need pointers), I’ve become more shrouded. More sceptical when something too-good-to-be-true happens.  I know life is all rainbows and flowers if you try hard enough, but  there’s nothing to be done about the oncoming tempest.  So when you are on the receiving endContinue reading “Being Humane”


Change is the one thing that you can expect for sure – from people, from circumstances and life in general. It’s frequent and it’s constant. Though the catalysts to change may vary, everything undergoes change at some point of its existence. Sometimes you expect something from a person and they turn out to be theContinue reading “Change”

한글 – Learning Korean Letters

Hey guys! Its been almost 2 months since I started learning Korean and there hasn’t been a moment when I didn’t pride myself on it. I can now say basic phrases and have a limited vocabulary of around 50-60 words. I personally love learning languages. So according to me, the first step was to startContinue reading “한글 – Learning Korean Letters”

Amidst All the Muddle

Lately life has taken an absurd turn, a sudden change of events. I am not sure what exactly is the cause of this. Everything (okay, well almost everything) is a little blurry and I keep having these totally weird identity crisis issue. Like I don’t really know what I’m upto. I don’t even know ifContinue reading “Amidst All the Muddle”