Book Addict Wonders : Read Count Cheats

Its almost the end of the year and with that comes to a stop the Goodreads yearly book challenge. Regardless of what goal you’ve set, there might be a slight chance that you are lagging behind, far far behind. Like me. Well not really far behind, but the first half of the year flew pastContinue reading “Book Addict Wonders : Read Count Cheats”

Curl Diaries – To Comb or Not Is The Question.

Now many of you read that title and must have reacted like “Eww! How can you not comb your hair?” Believe me! I used to think that too. But during my search for tricks and tips to manage curly hair, I stumbled upon quite a few curly girls who thought combing curly hair is a bigContinue reading “Curl Diaries – To Comb or Not Is The Question.”

Curl Diaries – Documenting life as a Curly Girl.

Hello people! I have been cooking up a new blog post initiative for quite a while and now its finally time to bring it to the notice of others. For as long as I can remember, I have been wanting stick-straight, non tangly hair. My mom would spend hours straightening my waist long hair andContinue reading “Curl Diaries – Documenting life as a Curly Girl.”

Just doesn’t seem right.

Like withering leaves On a sunny day, something’s Amiss in your company. The fault, perhaps, mine I know not which way to take And which of you to forsake. I look for the pros At the sound of painful rips Certainly time will mend it? Bygones return with A punch. The very reasons Of gradualContinue reading “Just doesn’t seem right.”