The One Where Time Flies Soon

A few haiku to mark two splendid weeks. Dance of the corn fields Usher in the beginning. Smiling faces wait. Calm before a storm Sense the inevitable. Yet we look away. A savior lighthouse. Knowledge shines through the dark times, While hungry hands wrote. Sunny and gusty Days warrant new dynamics. To Deal or noContinue reading “The One Where Time Flies Soon”

The Headlight Zone

Solemn faces & the overwhelming space. Words couldn’t have traveled faster if I’d so wished. Disinterested glances & a terrifying stance. Conquering my fears had never been So important before. Faced with the headlight zone, I spared no thought. Jumped right into it, and Appeared in the achiever’s lot. There’s an attempt; tried & tested.Continue reading “The Headlight Zone”

Better Unsaid

We do what we must, In every situation. To smile and cope, With no inhibition. But sometimes these Sentiments, they last Longer. Buzzing unstoppable & No closure. Blame it on chance, Who gave me no choice. But would I’ve saved This relation from foils? And then your absence Sealed the day. Never to be seen again. Like anContinue reading “Better Unsaid”

Book Addict Wonders : For The Love of Reading, Come Back!

This feels like admitting to a crime. It should be something normal, but it makes me cringe every time the thought passes through my mind. I finished my first book of 2015 on the 1st of Jan itself. And then came the… the…. horrid horrid reader’s block. Do you have those too? Am I notContinue reading “Book Addict Wonders : For The Love of Reading, Come Back!”


April is the month of dust… and lies. But even a small occasion would suffice To add to the merry of a glorying age One that with responsibility does engage. There is laughter and knowledge abound, And life’s mystery lurking around. For every Arian, this time of the year New resolutions become clear. To quellContinue reading “April.”