May Photo A Day – Fave thing to do on a Sunday

I have a bunch of things I like to do on Sundays which includes waking up late, reading till my hearts content, watching episode after episode of tv-shows I missed during the week. In other words I fully utilise my day, every second of it, do to what I’ve been yearning to do throughout theContinue reading “May Photo A Day – Fave thing to do on a Sunday”

May Photo A Day – 7 o’clock

7 o’clock – that’s the challenge for today. So I have to post a picture of what I was doing at either 7 am or 7 pm. With the holidays going on, I don’t really have a schedule or a time table for my daily routine. Today I happened to be watching 90210 online. UnfortunatelyContinue reading “May Photo A Day – 7 o’clock”

Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers

Hey people! How have you all been doing? 🙂 So I am back with another k-drama review. Please enjoy it! Boys Over Flowers is a show that revolves around the prestigious Shinwa High School’s  popular group known as the F4 (Flower Four?). This group consists of 4 very rich, very spoilt and extremely good lookingContinue reading “Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers”