Thoughts For The Long Run

14th February brings with it a mixture of sentiments. The singles are about to be bombarded with cutesy pictures and quotes on their social media. The couples are scrambling to concoct the “perfect” gesture for each other. And the in-betweeners are standing around, awkwardly, wondering if their efforts are misplaced. Amidst all the hullabaloo, sometimes,Continue reading “Thoughts For The Long Run”

Moods of Love (Haiku)

The outcome of brain storming for an assignment 🙂 Unrequited Love Your stormy gaze would Never fall on me. I, who, Shy from the limelight This haiku talks about unrequited love. How people are left to deal with one-sided love or attraction. Fleeting glances and wishful thinking are all they can afford. And how disconcertingContinue reading “Moods of Love (Haiku)”