Nail Art – Neon Bits

Its so upsetting when you have a bright neon green nail paint and your skin tone doesn’t match it. Mine almost looks garish when I paint it as a base tone so now I have to resort to using the color only for designs. Which is alright I guess. RAWR! Does that remind you of aContinue reading “Nail Art – Neon Bits”

Nail Art – Halloween Mix

This was supposed to be up yesterday. But oh well.. Happy Belated Halloween everyone 😀 Presumably you understand what I have attempted to design on my nails. If you don’t then the thumb is a mummy, pointer is spider web, middle is Frankenstein, ring is a scary withered tree and pinky is a haunted house.Continue reading “Nail Art – Halloween Mix”

Nail Art – Rainbow

 This one took a lot longer to do, than my usual designs. I started by using the manicure strips to get the curvy lines but it was taking a lot of time and was getting more messy so I proceeded with free-hand. Its a bit challenging as you have to wait for the previous colourContinue reading “Nail Art – Rainbow”

Nail Art – Black and Blue

Been long since I put up any nail art snaps 😀 Well here’s one.. all blue and black. Something I’d like to point out is that the blue is sort of teal-ish which may or may not be clear in the picture (I’m very particular about such stuff 😛 ). I’ve done  designs like theseContinue reading “Nail Art – Black and Blue”