Wisps of Purpose

Are thoughts ever concrete? For they are a spun mass of Previously unplugged words. They probably are concrete If we speak them, so brazen And convinced. Even if they aren’t, we Perhaps will them into being so Through pure want of belief And ultimately a foundation. What are we, without our thoughts? Maybe empty orContinue reading “Wisps of Purpose”

The Permanence of Things

Utterances and actions Not fitting one’s nature, Can, regardless of how unintentional, Hamper one’s reflection. Absences temporary, wholehearted not, Need no invitation for a homecoming. Gathering foes and somebodies you used to know, Ever present challenges of life. A wacky sense refreshed by the wind Bubbly days hyped up by company Little things, deep meanings Eternal boonsContinue reading “The Permanence of Things”

The Beckon of A Life

A whisper of life. Afraid to live, afraid to fly Cocooned in the Warmth of my palms. Looks up with wishful eyes. “Could I live here?”, the little thing Asks of me. “Right here in the folds, between The clouds and the grass.” It’s tiny aspirations, catching me Off-guard. Before I could say, bits of ItsContinue reading “The Beckon of A Life”