Wisps of Purpose

Are thoughts ever concrete? For they are a spun mass of Previously unplugged words. They probably are concrete If we speak them, so brazen And convinced. Even if they aren’t, we Perhaps will them into being so Through pure want of belief And ultimately a foundation. What are we, without our thoughts? Maybe empty orContinue reading “Wisps of Purpose”

My Uni & the Christmas Spirit!

Is it true that towards the second half of the year, time goes by even faster? As we eat, breathe and love; we yet again chalk another year into our book of life. It is something so inherent in December, in Christmas that makes even the minutest of things, that would normally bother me a greatContinue reading “My Uni & the Christmas Spirit!”

Fortuitous and oddly beneficial.

In life, we don’t always get what we want. I should have known that. Nevertheless, now I do. My hopes and thoughts had begun to inch far away from reality. So carried away I was, with the idea of having that which would never wind up in my hands, I had grown oblivious to allContinue reading “Fortuitous and oddly beneficial.”