May Photo A Day – Four Things

Woah! I can’t believe this is the last one. Just a month ago I started this challenge but it seems like a very short time has passed since then. So today’s (the very last one) theme is – four things. To post pictures of 4 random things. I selected pictures that have no connection, exceptContinue reading “May Photo A Day – Four Things”

May Photo A Day – Tool

Today’s challenge is the 2nd last one and the theme is “tool”. It could be  a picture of any tool, anything that helps you in life. One of the best tools I possess is my blog. And its all thanks to WordPress. I can pour out my heart   and keep writing endlessly. There’s noContinue reading “May Photo A Day – Tool”

May Photo A Day – What You’re Doing Now

Hello everyone! Today’s photo challenge is to post a picture of something you did today. You can pick whatever you want. Today I went back to school to meet my teachers and to thank them for their support and perseverance. Visiting school when the rest of the student body isn’t present was a unique experience.Continue reading “May Photo A Day – What You’re Doing Now”