So after a tiresome day, I come back home to a very wonderful surprise! I got nominated for the Liebster Award by the awesome awesome Justin@bookofmohs . THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Its my first ever blogging award and I cant stop jumping around the house. I’m sure you all know the feeling 😛 So as per theContinue reading “MY VERY FIRST BLOGGING AWARD – LIEBSTER AWARD!!”

I Love Surprises.

Hey everyone! How you dooin’?! 😀 So this came in a week back and I thought I must must put it up. I love surprises! A lot! That instantaneous feeling of bewilderment and glee. That feeling of facing the unexpected – its heady! 😛 I have a Goodreads account and like any book addict IContinue reading “I Love Surprises.”

May Photo A Day – Mother

Its Mother’s Day! Even though I don’t believe that there ought to be “a day” for celebrating and being overly thankful towards your mother, I like to do something small, a gesture to show my appreciation. She’s always been there for me. There’s loads I’ve learnt from her and still more to go. She’s notContinue reading “May Photo A Day – Mother”