Knowing where your needs end and wants begin.

There are times when the urge to possess something is so strong, it clogs our thought process. How we obtain it, ceases to matter. Hours are spent, not looking for reasons why we need it, but looking for various alternatives of how to gain it. This “it” that I speak of, doesn’t necessarily have toContinue reading “Knowing where your needs end and wants begin.”


Rusty oars caked with Dust. Ripped sail billows in the Moonlight. Stranded, huh? The wayward wind, with Its lightening speed, took o’er The reins. Castaway. None would come for us. Where even the shadows, would Not dare reach. Forgone. And before we knew it, our link with the rest, was severed…. perhaps, forever.  Mia

Book Review – Dream Caster by Najeev Nadarajah

Wow! :O Dream Caster is a novel based on post-war Toronto. It explores the lives of a lucky few who managed to survive the catastrophe, which wipes mankind off the face of the Earth. Weaver, the protagonist, is a very soft and kind hearted character. He is left helpless as his world – the settlementContinue reading “Book Review – Dream Caster by Najeev Nadarajah”