Book Review — The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman

This story takes us back to the narrator’s childhood days which were filled with horrors and revelations too mature for a 7 year old. As the eldest of two siblings, the narrator often found himself completely alone, and so would preoccupy himself with books. When a lodger commits suicide in his father’s car, a portalContinue reading “Book Review — The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman”

Book Review — Escape From Witchwood Hollow by Jordan E. Mierek

I was provided an electronic copy of this book by the author for review. Thank you for the opportunity ūüôā¬† Escape From Witchwood Hollow is a novel that depicts the dire consequences of greed and insecurity on the lives of generations of people. Shunned as a witch, Lady Clifford flees into the forests of Arnn.Continue reading “Book Review — Escape From Witchwood Hollow by Jordan E. Mierek”

Spotlight — Antique Forgery by Eileen Harris

This second book in the series takes the reader further into the life of Alicia Trent and her friends. Magic, forgery, betrayal, and fabulous jewels surround Alicia as she struggles to find the reason for her friend’s death. Grab a copy: Wings e Press I Amazon I Barnes & Noble Check out Book 1 inContinue reading “Spotlight — Antique Forgery by Eileen Harris”

Book Review — Antique Magic by Eileen Harris

I received this ebook as part of the Blog Tours hosted by Book R3vi3w Tours. Thank you!¬† Antique Magic is a short supernatural novel that revolves around the unraveling of mysteries left behind by Bernice Hall, a very ambitious antiquarian with an even riddled motive behind her obsession. Alicia Trent, the protagonist of the story,Continue reading “Book Review — Antique Magic by Eileen Harris”

Book Review — Compulsion by Martina Boone

Thank you Simon Pulse and Edelweiss for the¬†opportunity to read and review this fantastic book.¬† Barrie Watson lived an oblivious life with her mother, knowing nothing¬†about her familial background and the reason behind her mother’s gruesome scars. Until after her mother’s death, when she is introduced to a whole island of connections and a lonelyContinue reading “Book Review — Compulsion by Martina Boone”