Confessions of an Experiential Vagabond

If travels weren’t merely an exploration Not just an addition to our repertoires. Could they be a splintering of our souls? We, who wander places lush with greenery And dry with a blazing sun. Surely a sliver of us is left behind With the people we meet And the lands we traverse. For time to come,Continue reading “Confessions of an Experiential Vagabond”


I had written this poem for a contest. So thought I’d publish it here too.. Every word thought in favour and Every action performed in grace. Speaks to thy soul, that place. A land, be it, of origins or not. The intent in perception is all you’ve got. “Why must I be a patriot?” you ask.Continue reading “Patriotism”

The Immortality of A Bout of Good

Look down upon yourself not Regardless of circumstances. You, here, are but an experiment In action. A test for the better and The best. Seek that which elevates. Its no crime to dis the despair. Positivity is merely subjective, that which The searching soul shall breathe. For as long as you persevere Your radiance shining, blinding All inContinue reading “The Immortality of A Bout of Good”