Diversities in Black

Like the dead of night. Like the womb before light. Glistening tresses and Ravens in flight. The nyctophiliac’s black The mourner’s black Black in the seeds to The victorious black. Black that festers fear Black that draws near Squinting black eyes Black ripples that are clear. The expensive blacks The pauper’s blacks And those bruised bruised blacks. AContinue reading “Diversities in Black”

Simple Luxury

Beneath the sunlight, a few paces from the shade Peace held its arms wide open. Horizontal on a cart, millimetres from the foliage Exhaustion finally gave in. Knelt beside a puddle of murky water Relief and acknowledgement met halfway. Barefoot through the rubble, past gloomy alleys Freedom took flight in the bravest of manners. To witnessContinue reading “Simple Luxury”