Nail Art — This Is How We Do

This nail art is inspired by a background seen in Katy Perry’s This Is How We Do music video. The colors used are slightly different in terms of shades but the idea followed is same..     – Meera

Nail Art – Arrow Inspired

That tendency of mine to make even arrows look like stick figures 😀 Nevertheless I’ve been binge watching episodes of the TV series Arrow and I love it so much. Some obvious inspiration led me to display this new found obsession on my nails too.  Plus, The Hood’s color combo is green and black. HopeContinue reading “Nail Art – Arrow Inspired”

Nail Art — Galaxy

This nail design has been long time pending. So I finally decided to do the galaxy nails. It’s shiny but the camera somehow missed out the lustre. On a black base, I used the sponge effect first with purplish-pink colour then blue and a gray colour. A few dots in white and a glittery topcoat.Continue reading “Nail Art — Galaxy”