Book Review — Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry

Just when Michael thought that they were done with the whole packing up and leaving, his parents announce otherwise. Now, he has to attend St. Clare’s Catholic School, which isn’t exactly the best place to be for an atheist like him. His presumptions of everyone being uptight and religious are flung out the window, whenContinue reading “Book Review — Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry”

Book Review — Secret Lives [Darke Academy #1] by Gabriella Poole

Cassandra Bell has been invited to study at the Darke Academy, an elite boarding school that shifts base every term. Initially she can’t believe her luck, but as time passes she realizes that the school is built on a foundation of deceit and danger. In the past, students have met with unfortunate “accidental” deaths andContinue reading “Book Review — Secret Lives [Darke Academy #1] by Gabriella Poole”

Book Review — The Following Girls by Louise Levene

Thank you Bloomsbury India for sending me a copy of this book for review 🙂  In The Following Girls, Louise Levene depicts the toils and troubles of being a high school teenager who is expected to conform to conventional standards. She explores the idea of deviance and the consequent disciplining through her protagonist Amanda BakerContinue reading “Book Review — The Following Girls by Louise Levene”

Book Review — Slightly Burnt by Payal Dhar

Thank you Bloomsbury India for sending me a copy of this book for review!  Slightly Burnt is a story of two childhood bestfriends living in Delhi, who’ve been together through thick and thin. Never letting the words of the aged get to them, they’ve had each other’s back through the countless follies that mark teenage.Continue reading “Book Review — Slightly Burnt by Payal Dhar”