For rights and slights, Fights ensue. To quell other’s mights, More fights ensue. But, while the world’s Busy setting fires, There are those Whose fights turn dire. Of the world, of the day, The gloom that won’t stay away, Time and again, they tire. Succeed! What doth thou speak of? I know no success, InContinue reading “Fight”

Alteration Found.

Our expectations are tethered To a seemingly constant interface. From there on, are structured OpinionsĀ above the base. But there comes a time When an alteration is found. Events no longer rhyme With thoughts that had bound. A devastating dissonance indeed! To come upon such a stage And work around one’s creed. Do as ye may,Continue reading “Alteration Found.”

Give an ear

Carry my thoughts to faithful ears Let them heed to what others won’t say. Poised with a line, equipped with a speech Listen close, for it’ll make you sigh. Broken words uttered on a whim Roam the earth with no where to go. I gather them all and thread a story With a hint ofContinue reading “Give an ear”

Undo and rewrite once again

I hang onto languid threads Wishing you’d wipe away my dreads. Down into the ravine, Headfirst fellĀ  my impression of thine. In fact, truth be told I ne’er should’ve let you enfold The warrior that beats within me The one that you preyed on incessantly. Give me a chance, oh Lord and I will RedoContinue reading “Undo and rewrite once again”