Fair Warnings Oft Told.

Tales and legends of the old, Fair warnings oft told, Unearth some universal truth. Our hearts, they are meant to sooth. But this mad, mad mind Swears by a quest to find All the worldly wisdom that is amiss. But in doing so, topples into the abyss.

The Thing About Confidence is That…

It is seeded in thyself And watered by others. Or It is weeded by failure And altered by changes. If You turn away, And only look within, Are you doomed to A withering confidence? Perchance It is a concoction, Of others and you. Maybe Situations and actions Hath more to do. But In this celebrated pandemonium,Continue reading “The Thing About Confidence is That…”


They thrive on it. It feeds their worth. It riles them up. They bleed; no mirth. Shape, colour, Accent, birth. In matters of laughter There’s no dearth. Once, a joke, Thence, a poke. Amidst the folk, In shame, you soak. But shades emerge From a plain verge. So make your own, Slights that are thrown.Continue reading “Mockery”

The Lesser of Two Evils

Vicious & Bold, There roams the earth From legends & tales, Creatures to behold. Now they’ve arrived, No disputing races No mercy or mistake Will in their ways, subside. Eye to eye, They stare us down. Without a blink Snuff us out . And yet I hold dear, This foreign entity Who, the lesser of twoContinue reading “The Lesser of Two Evils”