The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses by L.V Russell

Theodora can feel the black spectres waiting for the inhabitants of her home, Woodrow House. With her grandmother being her only living relative, she can’t fathom leaving her behind. But when the position of governess opens up, Theodora is driven further from safety and into the suspense-ridden halls of Broken Oak Manor. Read if youContinue reading “The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses by L.V Russell”

Bad Moon Rising by Luisa Colón

Two lives entangled by years of resentment and chaos, Bad Moon Rising explores the stories of Elodia and Gabriel as they seek answers to their troubled past. A student living with her father, Elodia is withdrawn and can’t pinpoint what happened in her childhood that has left a mark on her. Gabriel, on the otherContinue reading “Bad Moon Rising by Luisa Colón”

Dead of Winter by Darcy Coates

Christa is stuck in a nightmare that doesn’t end. She and her boyfriend were on their way to a vacation lodge in the mountains when everything goes wrong. Christa wakes up in a cabin full of her tour companions who say that Kiernan never made it back through the snowstorm. Her plans to find himContinue reading “Dead of Winter by Darcy Coates”

The Bird Tattoo by Dunya Mikhail

It’s 2014 and a city in northern Iraq has been taken over by an extremist religious organisation. Helen and hundreds of women face horrors beyond their worst nightmares as they are sold off to men who bid for them in an auction. Driven to find out what happened to her husband and escape the organisation’sContinue reading “The Bird Tattoo by Dunya Mikhail”

The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes

When Maya stumbles across a YouTube video of a woman dying under mysterious circumstances, she is reminded of her best friend’s death from years ago. The eerie similarity of both incidents sets Maya on an alarming path, where it soon becomes difficult to distinguish reality from nightmare. Read if you like: puzzling mystery novels, ambiguousContinue reading “The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes”