An end-of-the-year observation.

Sometimes amidst new changes You lose your sense of self. The need to achieve bears down Your perspective on life & other philosophy. It takes another great change To find yourself, lost, in the maze. At first the differences are striking But soon reason finds a way to mask them. It’s when you acknowledge what’sContinue reading “An end-of-the-year observation.”

Undo and rewrite once again

I hang onto languid threads Wishing you’d wipe away my dreads. Down into the ravine, Headfirst fell  my impression of thine. In fact, truth be told I ne’er should’ve let you enfold The warrior that beats within me The one that you preyed on incessantly. Give me a chance, oh Lord and I will RedoContinue reading “Undo and rewrite once again”

Moods of Love (Haiku)

The outcome of brain storming for an assignment 🙂 Unrequited Love Your stormy gaze would Never fall on me. I, who, Shy from the limelight This haiku talks about unrequited love. How people are left to deal with one-sided love or attraction. Fleeting glances and wishful thinking are all they can afford. And how disconcertingContinue reading “Moods of Love (Haiku)”

Book Review — Iris by Nancy Springer

Iris by Nancy Springer is a heart warming account of a mother and how she deals with the oddities of life after her daughter’s and husband’s death. Separation takes a while getting used to. But solitude doesn’t seem to bother her as much. She finds comfort and solace in the everyday tidbits that we normallyContinue reading “Book Review — Iris by Nancy Springer”

Is there really no fairness in death?

  “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances”                                                   -William Shakespeare.  I couldn’t have agreed more to this quoteContinue reading “Is there really no fairness in death?”