It’s Not Your Fault

A friend of mine once said, “Being close to somebody is about how they make you feel.” This couldn’t be more true. We cling to the people who make us feel strong, special and worthy of good things. We gravitate towards those who can give us what we’re looking for from life – be itContinue reading “It’s Not Your Fault”


Waves upon waves. Rays upon rays. I lay there, A secluded island. Straining out of reach, And then springing back. Holding myself aloft, And then being slack. Thoughts gently lapping at me, The shores crept inward. Thoughts clouding over me, My heart stirred. Time blurred into one, Lost, as I was. In the distance, IContinue reading “Islanded.”

Confessions of an Experiential Vagabond

If travels weren’t merely an exploration Not just an addition to our repertoires. Could they be a splintering of our souls? We, who wander places lush with greenery And dry¬†with a blazing sun. Surely a sliver of us is left behind With the people we meet And the lands we traverse. For time to come,Continue reading “Confessions of an Experiential Vagabond”