Nail Art — Swirls & Vines

This is a rather fun technique that I revert to every time I don’t have many designs in mind. Drawing swirls and roots-like twirls not only looks nice with a good color combo but its easy!   Oh, its been so long since I last posted a nail art photo. Signs of a bored hobby?Continue reading “Nail Art — Swirls & Vines”

Nail Art – Pinkish-Nude Dotted Manicure

Hey guys! Guess what?! I recently bought loads of new nail polishes. One of them is this pinkish-nude shade and I absolutely adore it! Plus I have been meaning to do something different with my nail tips and this idea just crossed my mind. What better color to use for the tip than good oldContinue reading “Nail Art – Pinkish-Nude Dotted Manicure”

Nail Art – Christmas Special!

Meant to be Santa’s costume… 😛 Don’t know if I pulled it off that well 😀 As you can probably see the first ones a snowflake then the Christmas tree followed by an elf’s costume and some cute golden ribbons for all the gifts. Green and Silver (sponge technique) for the Christmas tree… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! 😀 HaveContinue reading “Nail Art – Christmas Special!”

Zebra Print Nail Art (Hot Pink)

Lately, zebra print seems to be my favourite nail pattern to do. So I tried it with hot pink and it was a huge success (well atleast among my friends and family). I believe in perfection so I still have to practice a few more times to get it according to my liking. What doContinue reading “Zebra Print Nail Art (Hot Pink)”