Telltale Reality

Walls groan and Staircases sigh. The ceiling rat-a-tats With fictional marbles. Doors whine, Reminiscent of the old. Curtains quarrel So as to invite stories. A dilapidated house. It clings to its inhabitants. It lives long after they are gone. It sleeps blanketed by their memories. And wakes again, ready for more.   – Meera

(Un)intentional Annoyances & How To Avoid Them.

We all have certain habits that tick off other people. Sure, its normal. But more often than not, they make little sense. People may not be as blunt as they ought, out of the niceness of their heart, but its like the itchy feeling around a scab. You know you must itch but your wound probably wontContinue reading “(Un)intentional Annoyances & How To Avoid Them.”

Dependence – sometimes a “no-no”.

Hey everyone! 🙂 How are you? Hope you are doing good! Smile, because that’s the best thing to do in times of trouble (and otherwise ofcourse). Dependence results In catastrophe. The blame Too easy to pass. Believe in your own abilities rather than depending on those of others. No one can lead you to success,Continue reading “Dependence – sometimes a “no-no”.”


Change is the one thing that you can expect for sure – from people, from circumstances and life in general. It’s frequent and it’s constant. Though the catalysts to change may vary, everything undergoes change at some point of its existence. Sometimes you expect something from a person and they turn out to be theContinue reading “Change”