Waves upon waves. Rays upon rays. I lay there, A secluded island. Straining out of reach, And then springing back. Holding myself aloft, And then being slack. Thoughts gently lapping at me, The shores crept inward. Thoughts clouding over me, My heart stirred. Time blurred into one, Lost, as I was. In the distance, IContinue reading “Islanded.”

The Problem with Choices – Buying a Smartphone in the 21st Century.

There comes a point in the life of a smartphone that it begins to stutter and blackout; it gets increasingly absorbed by a reverie and is unable to process orders. My Samsung Galaxy S3 was dawdling in such a phase. As much as I didn’t want to part with it, I knew that telegrams functioned fasterContinue reading “The Problem with Choices – Buying a Smartphone in the 21st Century.”

Actually Indian?

Gone are the times when grandmother’s tales and Doordarshan were the quintessential depictions of Indian sensibilities. Now people look forward to Bollywood and news channels to discover the new qualities of an Indian. And why not? Media is supposed to represent our society. So if the big screen tells you that an Indian dons sarees,Continue reading “Actually Indian?”