The Thing About Confidence is That…

It is seeded in thyself And watered by others. Or It is weeded by failure And altered by changes. If You turn away, And only look within, Are you doomed to A withering confidence? Perchance It is a concoction, Of others and you. Maybe Situations and actions Hath more to do. But In thisĀ celebrated pandemonium,Continue reading “The Thing About Confidence is That…”

College – A New Phase.

3 weeks into college and my head is a jumble of mixed feelings – mostly all good, some a little whiny šŸ˜›Ā Ā Been coming home late, no time for anything else. Usually this would’ve driven me ballistic, but somehow it doesn’t affect me as such. Even though I would’ve liked to have a little “me time”,Continue reading “College – A New Phase.”

As The Wagon Draws To A Stop

The fast paced life slows down, Just like a wagon nearing its next destination. The thrills and chills, blurred with speed are long gone, Replaced by more serious issues. It is time to detach myself from yet another city that has played host. Adding to my experiences, every day has been one to cherish. ButContinue reading “As The Wagon Draws To A Stop”