Nail Art – Red Streaks

Firstly I would like to give credit to MissJenFABULOUS who has amazing nail art videos on Youtube. Her channel is definitely worthy of every minute you spend there. This was inspired by one of her videos.  Thanks a ton for sharing! 🙂 I did this one a while ago. Nevertheless it’s a new design and soContinue reading “Nail Art – Red Streaks”

Nail Art – Rainbow

 This one took a lot longer to do, than my usual designs. I started by using the manicure strips to get the curvy lines but it was taking a lot of time and was getting more messy so I proceeded with free-hand. Its a bit challenging as you have to wait for the previous colourContinue reading “Nail Art – Rainbow”

Nail Art – Black and Blue

Been long since I put up any nail art snaps 😀 Well here’s one.. all blue and black. Something I’d like to point out is that the blue is sort of teal-ish which may or may not be clear in the picture (I’m very particular about such stuff 😛 ). I’ve done  designs like theseContinue reading “Nail Art – Black and Blue”

Nail Art – Messy Black Circles on Green

Hey everyone! Hope all’s well for you. Today, I’m back with another nail art. I intended for it to be black spirals on green. But after pondering some more, I decided to do  a sort of messy broken circles and some full circle kind of pattern. I think the color combination looks good and theContinue reading “Nail Art – Messy Black Circles on Green”