Stone Blind by Natalie Haynes

Born a mortal, Medusa’s mortality is something her sisters, the Gorgons’ have been particularly conscious of, worried that she could hurt herself or experience the horrors of human life. Their concerns come to pass when Medusa is assaulted by Poseidon and punished for it by Athene. But her tragedy doesn’t end there, as Perseus embarksContinue reading “Stone Blind by Natalie Haynes”

Ahalya by Koral Dasgupta

Through a poetic retelling of Ahalya’s story, Koral Dasgupta shines a spotlight on the life of this resilient character from Hindu mythology. From her birth to the events leading up to sage, Gautam’s curse on her, this book gives you a glimpse into Ahalya’s perspective. It addresses questions of women empowerment, societal norms, and patriarchyContinue reading “Ahalya by Koral Dasgupta”