Korean Drama Review — Ddanddara (a.k.a Entertainer)

Disclaimer – All images in this post have been obtained from Google. I do not own any of them.  Ddanddara is a Korean drama that was aired on SBS, starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri as the leads. The drama follows the lives of those in the entertainment industry, allowing us deeper insight intoContinue reading “Korean Drama Review — Ddanddara (a.k.a Entertainer)”

Getting Lit @ Under 25’s Bangalore Lit Fest 2016

The Under 25 Club is a venture that aims to showcase the talent and zeal of the youth, by giving them a platform to be recognized for what they do best. They are a team of enthusiasts trying to make a difference by spreading the word of the youth. So when word got out ofContinue reading “Getting Lit @ Under 25’s Bangalore Lit Fest 2016”

May Photo A Day – Paper

Hey guys! So today’s photo challenge  is titled “Paper” as in a snap of any piece of paper lying around you. Lets see what I’ve got! Its sheet music!! For a song called Cupid by Girl’s Day. I heard it in City Hunter (a Korean drama) and ever since its been one of my mostContinue reading “May Photo A Day – Paper”