Older and Dearer

There are none like you – Maddeningly selfless and Unconditionally supportive. Everything that comes your way, Good or bad, is somehow absorbed By the magnanimity of your kind, kind soul. Never asking for anything in return, You’ve only learnt to give. The glint in your eyes, Had they not missed, They wouldn’t dare awake AContinue reading “Older and Dearer”

The Beckon of A Life

A whisper of life. Afraid to live, afraid to fly Cocooned in the Warmth of my palms. Looks up with wishful eyes. “Could I live here?”, the little thing Asks of me. “Right here in the folds,¬†between The clouds and the grass.” It’s tiny aspirations, catching me Off-guard. Before I could say, bits of ItsContinue reading “The Beckon of A Life”

May Photo A Day – Mother

Its Mother’s Day! Even though I don’t believe that there ought to be “a day” for celebrating and being overly thankful towards your mother, I like to do something small, a gesture to show my appreciation. She’s always been there for me. There’s loads I’ve learnt from her and still more to go. She’s notContinue reading “May Photo A Day – Mother”