2017 at a Glance

There’s always a first and no matter how exhilarating or painful that first experience is, you’ve just started cracking open the shells to usher in the beams of a better world; a world of heightened senses and worldly knowledge. So keep going, oh brave heart, keep going! 2017 has been a great many things toContinue reading “2017 at a Glance”

Telltale Reality

Walls groan and Staircases sigh. The ceiling rat-a-tats With fictional marbles. Doors whine, Reminiscent of the old. Curtains quarrel So as to invite stories. A dilapidated house. It clings to its inhabitants. It lives long after they are gone. It sleeps blanketed by their memories. And wakes again, ready for more.   – Meera

A Walk with Time

The Sun knew No Monday Blues. It bore down On me as I took A walk in the city. Minarets of yore brought down, So modernity could climb the Rank. Aesthetics of the past long since Forgotten to usher a conscience blank. To what end do we partake in this race? What does the presentContinue reading “A Walk with Time”