Diversities in Black

Like the dead of night. Like the womb before light. Glistening tresses and Ravens in flight. The nyctophiliac’s black The mourner’s black Black in the seeds to The victorious black. Black that festers fear Black that draws near Squinting black eyes Black ripples that are clear. The expensive blacks The pauper’s blacks And those bruised bruised blacks. AContinue reading “Diversities in Black”

Why I Can’t Be a Mono-linguist.

In order to fully accept the constantly evolving sense of my self, I must take into account every single phase of my life. I can’t speak in just any one language. No. I need to be a mixture of the Keralite born and brought up in Ahmedabad, who spent quality time pouring over her EnglishContinue reading “Why I Can’t Be a Mono-linguist.”

Why The Night Beckons

A sense of flight, Strength & Sight Erupts from within This chilly night. Life in this sphere Suddenly so mere Worth a glance From above, crystal clear. The thought of unknown Living blood & bone Spurs us forth Through mysteries not shown. Small as it be Our life as a spree Wonted by changing winds Dwells in the dark,Continue reading “Why The Night Beckons”