A messenger, as it, would bring a little love in a lot of trinkets. Carried by the wind, reminding others of their dormant zest. Eliciting a giggle with every fluttering hem, Or a rejoicing sway during the night wandering. Do you feel it too? This caress of the windsurfer – driven & happy. One with the air,Continue reading “Windsurfer.”

Nail Art — This Is How We Do

This nail art is inspired by a background seen in Katy Perry’s This Is How We Do music video. The colors used are slightly different in terms of shades but the idea followed is same..     – Meera

Nail Art – Neon Bits

Its so upsetting when you have a bright neon green nail paint and your skin tone doesn’t match it. Mine almost looks garish when I paint it as a base tone so now I have to resort to using the color only for designs. Which is alright I guess. RAWR! Does that remind you of aContinue reading “Nail Art – Neon Bits”