Korean Drama Review — The Heirs

The Heirs is a Korean drama  that follows a beautiful story of people who are caught up in the web of familial responsibilities and as teenagers, how they manage to get on with life despite the obstacles they meet every step of the way.  To say that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye playContinue reading “Korean Drama Review — The Heirs”

Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers

Hey people! How have you all been doing? 🙂 So I am back with another k-drama review. Please enjoy it! Boys Over Flowers is a show that revolves around the prestigious Shinwa High School’s  popular group known as the F4 (Flower Four?). This group consists of 4 very rich, very spoilt and extremely good lookingContinue reading “Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers”

City Hunter Korean Drama Review

Hey everyone! Hope everything is going good for you all 🙂 So, recently I met up with my darling sister and she very enthusiastically recommended some Korean dramas. At first I wasn’t very sure about the whole “having to read subtitles and watch the show at the same time” but all doubts evaporated when sheContinue reading “City Hunter Korean Drama Review”