Book Review — Hard Drive by Mary Todd & Christina Villegas

I received this book from Smith Publicity in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.  Hard Drive is a heart rending narration of a family’s fight to unveil the truth behind the death of a loved one. Shane Toddman, an American engineer was found dead in his Singapore apartment on June 24, 2012. The SingaporeContinue reading “Book Review — Hard Drive by Mary Todd & Christina Villegas”

Justice Be Served

This rage knows no bounds It wont be quenched till Justice be served. Blinding rage engulfs me. Thirsty for vengeance For blood. Till your head on a platter This storm wont pass. Till you’re punished, this Unceasing battle. Or so is my wishful thinking. My world died centuries back. What now persists, simply An artificialContinue reading “Justice Be Served”