Book Review — Until The Last Dog Dies by Robbert Guffey

Robbert Guffey dives right into the field of stand up comedy with his science fiction novel,¬†Until The Last Dog Dies, speculating a future devoid of humour. A virus has infected people’s ability to register or respond to humor, thereby threatening Elliot and his friends’ profession. The premise of this novel is a fantastic one! IContinue reading “Book Review — Until The Last Dog Dies by Robbert Guffey”


They thrive on it. It feeds their worth. It riles them up. They bleed; no mirth. Shape, colour, Accent, birth. In matters of laughter There’s no dearth. Once, a joke, Thence, a poke. Amidst the folk, In shame, you soak. But shades emerge From a plain verge. So make your own, Slights that are thrown.Continue reading “Mockery”