Book Review — Jasmine Days by Benyamin

Jasmine Days tells the story of Sameera as she gets accustomed to living in a Middle Eastern city with her father and relatives. This shift away from home and her new job as an RJ brings her closer to assimilating with people of different backgrounds. Her friendships take on new definition when the city getsContinue reading “Book Review — Jasmine Days by Benyamin”

A Volatile World

It’s a volatile world, The very foundation sizzles. Crackling like a witch’s brew, Waiting to be stirred. Rearing its bigoted head, Surveying the great potential For a divide & rule. How easy it must seem, To create a spark And prod it so? To lay waste, all differences? It seethes and sputters With a callousnessContinue reading “A Volatile World”

Book Review — Alex + Ada Volume 2 by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

The second volume of Alex + Ada picks up after Ada has been made sentient. Now that they’ve crossed over to dangerous territories, they must always watch their backs lest the government authorities catch them. For a while, life seems to be going at a steady pace. But then neighbors begin to notice Ada andContinue reading “Book Review — Alex + Ada Volume 2 by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn”