The Man with The Shifting Tattoos by Hulya Yuva

A college student, Siddharth Nair’s life turns upside down when an unprecedented event lands him in jail on a murder charge. Bereft of hope, he makes the acquaintance of a man, whose mystical powers fill Siddharth with a renewed purpose in life. This was a short read with plot developments that occurred at a rapidContinue reading “The Man with The Shifting Tattoos by Hulya Yuva”

Once Upon A Curfew by Srishti Chaudhary

As an Indian historical fiction, Once Upon A Curfew takes us back to the age of classic Bollywood films, references to which are made frequently in almost every chapter. Fans of Rajesh Khanna and Bollywood songs from the 70s would definitely be engaged while reading this novel. It is the story of two sisters, InduContinue reading “Once Upon A Curfew by Srishti Chaudhary”

A Flutter in the Colony by Sandeep Ray

Sandeep Ray’s historical fiction narrates the story of a young couple who make their way from newly-independent India to a town in Malaya. In a manner befitting the cadence of his writing, the author introduces us to the highly turbulent environments of Bengal and Malaya, as the respective regions grapple with communal tensions and theContinue reading “A Flutter in the Colony by Sandeep Ray”

Small Days and Nights

As a fictional novel that dwells on topics of family, politics and health, Small Days and Nights tells the story of Grace, an Indian-Italian woman whose life takes an unexpected turn. When news of her mother’s demise reaches her in US, she makes her way to her childhood home in Pondicherry to perform the lastContinue reading “Small Days and Nights”


Sadashiv Pradhan, in his contemporary fiction novel, attempts to familiarize the reader with the world of Business schools. In doing so, he unearths the cut-throat environment within these colleges and tells of the daunting task that lies ahead for the students. Just as there is much conjecture surrounding the pursual of an MBA degree withinContinue reading “23:59:59”