The Poison of Love by K.R Meera

A short novel that was originally written in Malayalam, The Poison of Love is a tragic account of toxic relationships and the lifelong scars they leave behind. Tulsi, an IIT graduate with great potential, succumbs to the poisonous embrace of love when she chooses to elope with Madhav, not realizing how bleak her future wouldContinue reading “The Poison of Love by K.R Meera”

The Muse and the Moon by Lincy Ann Matthew

The Muse and the Moon is a story about finding love and what it takes to sustain a healthy relationship in the long run. Anagha works as a copy-editor at an e-publishing firm. Despite how smitten she is with her colleague, Rudran, she knows there can be no office romance on the cards because heContinue reading “The Muse and the Moon by Lincy Ann Matthew”

The Man with The Shifting Tattoos by Hulya Yuva

A college student, Siddharth Nair’s life turns upside down when an unprecedented event lands him in jail on a murder charge. Bereft of hope, he makes the acquaintance of a man, whose mystical powers fill Siddharth with a renewed purpose in life. This was a short read with plot developments that occurred at a rapidContinue reading “The Man with The Shifting Tattoos by Hulya Yuva”


Sadashiv Pradhan, in his contemporary fiction novel, attempts to familiarize the reader with the world of Business schools. In doing so, he unearths the cut-throat environment within these colleges and tells of the daunting task that lies ahead for the students. Just as there is much conjecture surrounding the pursual of an MBA degree withinContinue reading “23:59:59”

Bestseller by Ahmed Faiyaz

The publishing industry does not garner nearly as much limelight as entertainment industries do. But Ahmed Faiyaz’s Indian contemporary fiction, Bestseller, more than makes up for it by adding heaps of glitz and glamour to an intriguing premise. Kalim Publishing is a sinking ship that has been nearly reduced to the position of swatting fliesContinue reading “Bestseller by Ahmed Faiyaz”