The Poison of Love by K.R Meera

A short novel that was originally written in Malayalam, The Poison of Love is a tragic account of toxic relationships and the lifelong scars they leave behind. Tulsi, an IIT graduate with great potential, succumbs to the poisonous embrace of love when she chooses to elope with Madhav, not realizing how bleak her future wouldContinue reading “The Poison of Love by K.R Meera”

Hindu Refugee Camp, Lahore by Sachin Garg

Set more than a decade after the India-Pakistan Partition, Hindu Refugee Camp, Lahore chronicles the stories of people whose lives have been permanently altered by the devastation that swarmed over the lands. One of my favourite aspects of this book is that the events in the lives of the two main characters, Ghulam Ali andContinue reading “Hindu Refugee Camp, Lahore by Sachin Garg”

The Rules of Arrangement by Anisha Bhatia

Zoya Sahni is on her way to having an outstanding marketing career. Her boss has just put up her name for a promotion that will take her straight from Bombay to New York. But when an old acquaintance pops back into her life, and her family rushes ahead to plan their arranged marriage, Zoya findsContinue reading “The Rules of Arrangement by Anisha Bhatia”