What We’ve Learned From 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why, a book to television adaptation of Jay Asher’s young adult fiction, posits the transience of life and growing insensitivity among millennials. It is abundantly interspersed with prevalent concerns pertaining to suicide, sexual abuse, slut shaming, social isolation, peer pressure and so much more. Hannah Baker’s narration, of the events in her lifeContinue reading “What We’ve Learned From 13 Reasons Why”

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

For every trouble, Every bothersome detail Things that make us think, If we gave away A penny & responded with A Smile, the World Would Be Less Poor & More Happy! – Meera

New Revelation

Desperation. Helplessness. Self Pity. Burden. Responsibility. Sometimes when you have to deal with all that simultaneously, it gets a little too tiresome. Its a pressure, that not everyone can let slide or handle easily. Some do an exceptional job of brushing it aside, of tackling it effortlessly. To them jumping over obstacles comes naturally. TheyContinue reading “New Revelation”

The Discouraging Act

Success is gained by those with a desire to achieve and the will to work for it. Incompetence is a derogatory and invalid term. There’s no such thing as being ill-fit or unsuitable for a job. If you are passionate enough, you can aim for the sky. But where interest is lacked and there’s noContinue reading “The Discouraging Act”