The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal

Employed at a doll factory, Iris spends her days yearning for a better life. While her twin sister Rose appears satisfied with the drudgery that marks their days, Iris secretly harbours a desire to become a painter. One day, she gets invited to model for an artist of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a society of unconventionalContinue reading “The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal”

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas

Driven by her need to find a solid future for her mother & herself, Beatriz accepts Don Rodolfo Solórzano’s proposal despite the rumours surrounding his former wife’s death. Unfortunately for her, what awaits at his countryside mansion is far from the safety she seeks. Isabel Cañas’ writing is like dark chocolate; it is decadent inContinue reading “The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas”

We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

The Blackwoods live in isolation; far from the prying eyes of the townspeople who reserve nothing but contempt for the family. Told from the perspective of the youngest daughter, Mary Katherine Blackwood, We Have Always Lived in the Castle is the story of a mighty family brought to ruin by disastrous events that sealed theirContinue reading “We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson”

Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier

Prepared to fulfil her mother’s dying wish, Mary Yellan heads to Jamaica Inn to live with her aunt Patience. She soon realizes that her aunt’s life is nothing like they’d thought; her marriage with Joss Merlyn is far from the rosy picture she’d painted in her letter. As days pass, Mary unwittingly becomes intrigued byContinue reading “Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier”

The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell

Agnes Darken is a silhouette artist whose profession becomes threatened when her customers begin winding up dead. Much to her chagrin, the killer seems to be someone of her acquaintance and is set to torment her to no end. Determined to seek the truth, Agnes approaches a young spirit medium, Pearl, to contact her deceasedContinue reading “The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell”