New Year Giveaway – And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid

So I have been absent for a while and that’s not only in the blogosphere but my college attendance too is running low of what I need in order to write my finals (scary!). I am simply enjoying the weather and lazing around reading, watching tv shows. But now that this year is also goingContinue reading “New Year Giveaway – And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid”

I Love Surprises.

Hey everyone! How you dooin’?! 😀 So this came in a week back and I thought I must must put it up. I love surprises! A lot! That instantaneous feeling of bewilderment and glee. That feeling of facing the unexpected – its heady! 😛 I have a Goodreads account and like any book addict IContinue reading “I Love Surprises.”

Ebook Giveaway (INT) – Scapemaker by Steve Cypert

Hey Everyone! Anybody read Scapemaker yet?! No? Well its about time you picked it up. Its totally stunning and will leave you speechless! Guaranteed. I can’t begin to express how utterly delighted I am to be reading this. And thanks to the author, Steve Cypert, I have 5 ebook copies to giveaway. So hurry upContinue reading “Ebook Giveaway (INT) – Scapemaker by Steve Cypert”