Wake up! Its your life… don’t you wanna live it?

Life. An encyclopaedia in itself. You learn a lot from it as long as you try to understand and relate. Hence the saying goes “experience with age”. As you grow older, you experience more. Its a lifetime worth of opportunities. Make the best out of it. But that doesn’t mean taking the safe path. ItsContinue reading “Wake up! Its your life… don’t you wanna live it?”

I Love Surprises.

Hey everyone! How you dooin’?! 😀 So this came in a week back and I thought I must must put it up. I love surprises! A lot! That instantaneous feeling of bewilderment and glee. That feeling of facing the unexpected – its heady! 😛 I have a Goodreads account and like any book addict IContinue reading “I Love Surprises.”